Sunday, July 5, 2015

All About "Super Me" Lunch Bags and a Super Freebie for You!

I had the best time making this product for back to school!To be honest, I was getting a little board with the "All About Me" Bag. I decided to jazz it up and make it All About SUPER Me!! Your SUPER kiddos will love choosing their hero to decorate and place on the bag. The cape is placed on the BACK of the bag but is visible from the front. You have an option to put the list of what is in the bag on the inside or outside of the cape, directions included! All About SUPER ME! Lunch Bag Back To School Craftivity
Also included is a SUPER hero theme poem to send home to families explaining the project and telling the due date. To get you motivated and thinking about back to school I've included a FREEBIE All About SUPER Me poster! Please be SUPER and leave me some feedback on the freebie! Be sure to follow me for more to come!! All About SUPER ME ! Display Poster


  1. Wonderful idea! I'm looking forward to using this with my 2nd grade next week.


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