Friday, January 30, 2015

Freebie! "QR" A Super Valentine, Card from Teacher to Student

Click on the picture for your freebie Valentine card from teacher to student! 
 After scanning the code says:

 Happy Valentine's Day 
Your Teacher

 Free Valentine Card for Students

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Valentine Quick Response "QR" Codes  Self Checking Subtrac
QR Crazy-Quick Response Code Subtraction from 10 Common Co

Friday, January 23, 2015

Engage with Digital Story Telling!

I'm looking to spice up iPad time!   Click below to explore Digital Storytelling Apps.  Digital storytelling engages your kiddos while they practice writing, collaborating, critical thinking and creativity!  

 Little Bird Tales
 Story Dice                       

 Superhero ComicBook Maker

The Best 17 ipad Digital Storytelling Apps for Teachers

Monday, January 19, 2015

Computer Interactives for Writing Common Core

Hi Bloggy Friends!

Have you visited ReadWriteThink?  This has been my G-O  T-O resource for quite awhile!    Below are just a couple of the awesome engaging ideas that  meet writing standards. My class is working on the Living the Dream:100 Acts of Kindness lesson and using the Letter Generator,  I also love the Post-Card Creator! My favorite way to use this is to write a postcard to a character.
Post Card Creator

 Letter Generator
Letter Gererator

Have fun exploring!  Be sure to tell me how you would use these resources in your room, I love new ideas!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Love my New Blog Design!

Thank you PJs Design Laboratory  and Creative Clip's Krista Wallden I couldn't love my blog anymore!  Stay tuned for an exciting announcement to celebrate!  If you are thinking of redesigning or starting a blog, be sure to contact Parker at PJs Design Laboratory, Parker is the husband of  T.G.I.F.'s Susan Jones. The redesign process was seamless, timely, and most of all fun!
Stay tuned!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Primary World: What the Teacher Wants!: Hearts for a Heart Warrio...

Please support this beautiful family, and honor the memory of this heart warrior.

Primary World: What the Teacher Wants!: Hearts for a Heart Warrio...: What the Teacher Wants!: Hearts for a Heart Warrior: A Fundraiser for the F... : I have something really special to announce! Starting today...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Telling Time , Common Core

Click below to check out Mrs. Stanford's Class Brand new linky, Hump Day Highlight !
I'm excited that she'll be doing the every Wednesday because I love seeing what you're all doing in your classrooms!  But first...check out what my kiddos are working on.....

  Mrs. Stanford's Class First Hump Day Highlight~
Besides trying to stay warm, my class has been reviewing time to the half hour to get ready to move on to time to the 5 minutes.    I also wanted to show you some video links to practice telling time 

Winter Theme Time to the Hour and Half Hour


What Does the Clock Say?

Telling Time
And to Get Ready for Super Bowl!!!
 Time to Hour, Half Hour, Quarter Hour Foot Ball Theme!

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