Saturday, April 28, 2018

INSECT Invasion!

Insect study is a sure sign its spring in the classroom!
I found these fun resources to pass on I LOVE LOVE Art For Kids  its just good fun that gets the kids away from video games!!!
Below is a great informative video that is slow enough for kiddos doing research (see  my research papers below!)
Now... I'd be happy to see more critters on the leaves and less snow! yikes!!!!
All About Insects Video

Draw Fireflies in a jar
Insect Research

Adjective Mini Book Insect Theme

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Butterfly Themed Day!

3-D Triorama -

Butterfly Release Day is the BEST day of  spring!   I have created a butterfly theme mini-unit that would be perfect for the day you set your butterflies free! lf you don't have butterflies in your room this year, no worry!  This  theme unit is wonderful to flutter through with your kiddos throughout the spring. 

Included: a 3-D triorama that lets your class display what they have learned.  Step by step directions are included, all the triorama pieces are on one page, cutting down on copying.  Your day will be a breeze...  Activities can be used for morning work, Math class, Language Arts, Writing, Social Studies, or  Science. 

Below see the engaging Monarch Migration Trail and Time Laps Video of Metamorphosis From Caterpillar to Butterfly video.  
Time Laps Video Metamorphosis From Caterpillar To Butterfly

Monarch Migration to Mexico

The below book Hurry and the Monarch is a M-U-S-T during a butterfly unit!  In this story,  Monarch befriends an old tortoise along the monarch migration route.   This book also includes facts about the migration trail, as well as the butterfly life cycle.  Click the link for more information.  

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives Videos

I'm reviewing the comparative and superlative adjective skills and found these fun videos!    I especially love the one from Between the Lions, who doesn't love that show??  Be sure to check out
 Critter-Comparing-Suffixes-er-est ... adorable for spring.  This is the #1 product in my store!

Between The Lions The Best Trampolini

Superlative Adjectives

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Insect Crafts and Writing...Going Buggy!

I'm loving all the adorable insect and buggy crafts that I see on Pinterest in the spring! These go hand and hand with my Report Writing  Insect Research Class Project  
Links  to crafts Below
This format for report writing is keeping my kids organized!  It is much easier to have the notes on one sheet of paper.  The posters can be used to take notes on or use as a final hallway display!  Make report writing a breeze this year!  See links below to other report setsl

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Brain Breaks to Shake Rattle and Roll !

Hi Friends -
Check out this Halloween fun! I have a feeling we will need lots of brain breaks this week with our little ghosts and goblins!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Columbus the Explorer Poster

Columbus Day, 2015 is on Monday, the 12th of October!! Save $$ buy mini units!! Create a poster for Columbus (2 versions included!) This looks great as is or enlarged & mounted on color paper! Your October bulletin board would be adorable!! Also include; 2 Columbus close reads, Write a Columbus Diamond Poem, Argumentative Writing, Postcards, Newspaper article,and more! Columbus Day Mini ELA Unit
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