Saturday, August 10, 2013

Best teacher tip ever???? Fabric Bulletin Boards!!!!!

Five years ago I moved into a new classroom and decided I was done with the pain of putting up bulletin board paper!!!  Mine always ended up looking wrinkled by the time I got it up anyway, YUCK!!  I took a friends tip and put fabric on my bulletin boards.
The best part???  NO PINHOLES!!!!!!!!  

Recently my dear friend Casey (from TPT Kindergarten Korner) was moving to a new school and I helped her do fabric bulletin boards.    Mine have been up for 5 years and still looks brand new.   Be sure to choose an all over design that can be hung in any direction.  Stay away from stripes and large prints.   After hanging, I added  polka dot borders, no more seasonal boarder changes! In the long run, this has saved me money because I am not purchasing borders and trims. Check out Casey's new room, looking awesome!!!

Add border!!

The finished product!!!

You can find this type of fabric in Joanne's or Walmart.  I found my fabric on a discount table at Walmart.  Be sure to carefully measure your boards.  When fabric shopping, unfold the fabric on bolt, often its much wider than appears on bolt.  If there are any creases, iron them out before applying.  We used pins for placement and finished with staples.

Good luck and have fun shopping!!!!!

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